More great news!!!


 SMA Calendar for  September 2015 is now posted on the "SMA Monthly Calendar / Important Handouts" Page of the

"Special Announcement" section. Check it out! God bless, Mr. "D".  






 Greetings and Welcome to the Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School Website! 

Thanks goes to Rev. Michael C. DiIorio for his fine support of our awesome website ( for SMA  school.  There are many features for your use. Feel free to tour through the various pages. It's our wish that you find this site both informative and helpful. Please bookmark it at .  

There is a new feature for emergency situations.

  A warning icon will appear on the main page with the latest important information posted.  

Be sure to check the “Special Announcements page for current news at Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School.  The "Special Announcments" page is located at top right corner of the home page and on the scroll down page of "About SMA School".  (SMA mobile version: use scroll down menu) 

All our SMA Catholic School teachers have grade websites as well.  Simply click on the "Faculty" tab and find your child's teacher's  website.  Important homework information and class updates will be posted for your use.

Feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions, concerns, suggestions, or new ideas for our school.

Thank you and God Bless!

Mr. Stephen D. DiCicco






Wow, what a wonderful evening!!!


Thank you everyone for fabulous second SMA Curriculum Festival 2015. The children performed spectacularly! Special thanks our students, parents / guardians, teachers, staff, and volunteers who made the night a success. Our new SMA school video, “Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School –2014-2015 Moving Forward” was well received and is available for purchase here at school or may be ordered for $10.00. (An order form was sent home Monday.) We will show it again during our SMA Green and Gold Day this Friday.




Hot off the presses!  We just received our new


2015/2016 Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School


Homework Assignment Book. 


SMA students will receive a free homework  assignment book next year! 


We thank all our sponsors for making this possible. NICE!




SMA 2014/2015 SMA Yearbook


is on sale!!!


Please enclose this form in an envelope and include


cash or check/money order for the full amount. On the envelope please


write “SMA School Yearbook” and the student’s name and grade.


Please order ASAP. TY!


Name __________________________


Student Name____________________




Number Of Yearbooks - $30.00 each_______


Jeremy Capella, one of our 8th grade students won the prestigious Maguire Scholarship! (This scholarship is based on academic excellence, extracurricular participation, and community


service.) It is valued at $3000. 00 per year for each of the four years of high school. Congratulations!!!






Beginning 2015 / 2016 School Year: All 8th Grade students at SMA school will receive an APPLE


IPAD! We are very excited about this new technology addition to SMA School. As fiscal


opportunities arise, look for further expansion of this program in the future.


   Super News 2!


I just met with Catapult today (Catapult is our Pa. State Education Assistance Program)


and they agreed to expand service to two full days! (Up from the day and a half we have now)


2015/2016 school year.  This will enhance the academic


programs at SMA School and benefit our students’ educational skills PreK to 8!  God's joy, Mr. "D".






Our SMA Alumni Facebook  page is up and running!!! 


We established the site this past Thursday and presently we have over 1100 alumni sign up! 


Super News 4 !


SMA Parish Land Sale Update    We have continued to move forward in recent days and look forward to completion of the sale in the future.


SMA Parish Evening May Procession  


There will be a traditional Evening May Procession on May 30, 2015 after the 5:30pm Mass. We invite all to come out and share this special parish family moment together.


 If your child is making their First Holy Communion this year we ask that your son or daughter comes to Mass and the Evening May Procession in their Communion suits or dresses.




Those who made their Confirmation this year may wear their albs that evening.


















Any questions, please call Sue Ward at: 267-688-6746

Dear Parents/Guardians,


     Greetings! I am pleased to announce that our school video, “Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School 2014/2015 “SMA School Moving Forward!”, is now available for purchase. It includes scenes from the many activities that took place this school year at our great school. This video will give you the opportunity to witness some of the events that you may want a memory of or might have missed. Included are highlights from: SMA Band Assembly – Windy City Play “Aladdin” - SMA Saint Michael’s Day – DARES Activities - First Friday Masses – Science Assembly - SMA Rosary and Book Club Meetings - Halloween Celebrations – SMA Pennywalk - Grandparents’ Day – SMA Barnes and Noble Night – SMA Carol Night – Holiday Activities - Classroom Presentations – SMA Student Council Activities - Christmas - Dr Seuss Day - Catholic Schools Week – SMA Winter Fest – SMA Walkathon - Principal for the Day - May Procession – SMA Book Fairs – Sacraments – SMA School play “Anchors Aweigh” – SMA Night at the Museum – Mother’s Day Tea – SMA Open House and Jr. Flower Expo and more. If you would like to purchase a copy, please fill out the form below. This year we are again able to keep the price of each DVD at $10.00. The SMA School “Moving Forward!” Video will be presented at the Curriculum Festival Tuesday, May 19th starting at 5:45.


Thank you! Mr. Stephen D. DiCicco ~ Principal




Name __________________________


Student Name____________________




Number Of DVD’s - $10.00 each_______


Please enclose this form in an envelope and include


cash or check/money order for the full amount. On the envelope please


write “SMA School Video” and the student’s name and grade.


Please order ASAP. TY!


“SMA DISNEY Casual Dress Day” 5/29/15 Permission Form


Dear Parents/Guardians,


     Greetings!   NEW THIS YEAR! SMA Disney Casual Dress at Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School. Students will be permitted to wear modest casual clothing matching the Disney theme of the special day. Please read and sign the permission slip below and return it to your child’s teacher. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.


                                                                                            God Bless!






Mr. Aladdin J. Cricket






DISNEY Casual Dress Day Permission Form


My child has permission to “dress down” in appropriate Disney theme for the “SMA DISNEY Casual Dress Color Day” on Friday, 5/29/15. I will ensure that she/he is dressed in a modest Christian manner. The minimum donation is $1.00.   All monies collected for this Color Day will be used for SMA School. TY!


STUDENT NAME_______________________________




PARENT SIGNATURE___________________________________


Please return to your child’s teacher by


Friday, May 29th . TY!





  • BAKE SALE on May 14 moved to May 21st.




Calling All Pictures!!! SMA School ~ Family ~ Alumni Pictures Needed for the 2015/2016 SMA School Calendar If you want a chance to have your family in the 2015/2016 school calendar, please send in photos of your family or any school related activity. (We are also interested in receiving alumni pictures as well.) Please note two points: we can not guarantee a picture will be in the calendar. Pictures will not be returned. Please send all pictures to the school office by Friday June 5th. TY!


Check out The Science Program at St. Michael the Archangel School in the Special Announcements Section on the

 2014/2015 SMA Calendar and Important Handouts page!

(Just click on the blue text)


Super News!!! Archdiocesan Contest To Honor Our Blessed Mother, Mary.


It is with great pleasure to inform everyone that we have several winning contest essays from SMA school. The essays were chosen from among hundreds in an


Archdiocesan contest to honor the Blessed Mother, Mary. Our winning students are invited to walk with their family in the Court of the Procession at the


Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul in Philadelphia, PA this Sunday, May 3rd. WOW!


Our SMA Winners are:


6th Grade: Madison Chapman ~ Jenna Wurtzbacher,


Tori Brambrinck ~ Paige Schaefer.


7th Grade: Tyler Kuhl


8th Grade: Alyssa Sales ~ Richard Pospiech


Congrats again!


 Special thanks to Mrs Umek for directing the activity.



SMA Green and Gold Day Update!!! 2015


Dear Parents/ Guardians,


     Greetings! The shirts are ordered and they are on their way. Reminder: shirts may be decorated but nothing may fall off. (No shirt cutting) Shirts may be signed at the end of the day in the classroom after the activities have concluded.


The events this year will go later than previous years. For security and safety purposes, we ask that students dismiss at the regular time of 3:00. This allows our organized dismissal procedures to be followed. TY!


   If your child is dismissing earlier that 3:00, please send the form below to the school office.


     Any student who wishes to be taken home by someone other than an immediate family member must send a note to the school office that includes the following: 1. Name of Student(s) 2. Name of Person Picking Up 3. Signature of Parent/Guardian of Student Being Picked Up.


   As always thank you in advance for your cooperation. We are looking forward to making this the best SMA Green and Gold Day ever!


God's love,


Mr. Stephen D. DiCicco






Early Dismissal Form Green and Gold Day 2015


My child will be dismissing early on 5/22/15


Family Name_____________________


Student’s Name___________________




Please enclose this form in an envelope. On the envelope please write student’s name / grade SMA Green and Gold Day and return, 5/21/15. TY!




THURSDAY, May 21st




Saint Michael the Archangel School is sponsoring a


Pizza Special Lunch: Lunch includes Pizza, a Snack, and a Juice Drink


Order Form and Payment is due Wednesday, May 20th.


Please return the bottom form and payment in an envelope marked


SMA SPECIAL LUNCH with your child’s name and grade












CHILD’S NAME____________________________________________________


CHILD’S GRADE_____________________________________________________


AMOUNT ENCLOSED_________________________________________________




Please note: any student who already ordered a NDS Hot Lunch, will receive that as well. 





   Introducing Bucks Catholic Football for Grades 5-6 ( JV ) and


                       Grades 7-8 ( Varsity ), Unlimited Weight


Bucks Catholic will play in the very competitive and traditional CYO Football league ( ) with playoffs and championship game.




                                   PARISHES INVITED TO JOIN ARE


       Saint Andrew                 Saint John                        Holy Trinity


       Holy Family                  Saint Ignatius                 Saint Mark


                 Our Lady of Grace         Saint Michael the Archangel    




                             Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


New Archdiocese Chaperone 

Class Trip Requirement


All chaperones participating on Catholic School class trips must have:


A. (PA. Police Check) and B. (PA. Child Abuse Clearance)


How do you receive them?


  1. Pa. Police check can be completed online (pa.guv.) with a credit card.

  2. Pa. Child Abuse Clearance Form takes 3 to 4 weeks. To expedite the process - fill out the form then “fed ex” to Child Line and Abuse Registry Dept. of Public Welfare Hillcrest Building 53 5 Magnolia Drive Harrisburg Pa. 17110 This should save about two weeks in the process.







All monthly SMA 2014/2015 calendars are online. Click on this link for the latest month.


2014/2015 SMA Calendar and Important Handouts



  We are proud to present our




April 2015 – Spiritual


PreK 1 ~ Kalyssa Robbins


PreK 2 ~ Gideon Olsen


Kindergarten ~ Ali Chapman


Grade 1 ~ Sofia Rosales


Grade 2 ~ Charlotte Marcel


Grade 3 ~ Tyler Pinkham


Grade 4 ~ Samantha Woods


Grade 5 ~ Shawn Hesington


Grade 6 ~ Brook Cardi


Grade 7 ~ Colin McCarty


Grade 8 ~ Austin Orbin


Congratulations to these thoughtful students!


 More information in our "Special Announcements" page.

Just click on the tab top right corner. TY!


New SMA Alumni Association Coming!!!


Greetings! BIG NEWS! Saint Michael the Archangel School is establishing a new SMA Alumni Association.  We want to connect with the many alumni of our fine school. The first phase is calling all Saint Michael the Archangel past alumni to help build the Saint Michael the Archangel Alumni Database. (A SMA Alumni Facebook Page is coming soon!) If you know of anyone or you yourself are an Alumni of Saint Michael the Archangel School, please fill out the bottom of this article and send it to the school office or send the information in an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . ASAP. Thank you in advance for helping us create the database for this exciting new program for SMA school!


Current Name ___________________________________________


Maiden Name ___________________________________________


Address ________________________________________________


Email Address___________________________________________


Home Phone Number ____________________________________


Cell Phone Number _______________________________________


Occupation ______________________________________________


Year of Graduation from St. Michael the Archangel School ________


MSP (My Students Progress) SMA Online Grading  Link




Conwell Egan Catholic High School Link!


SMA Pre-K3 / Pre-K4 / K Program Information

Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School offers two Pre-Kindergarten programs, one for children two years away from Kindergarten (Pre-K3), one for children who will be entering Kindergarten the following school year (Pre-K4) and Kindergarten.

Our Pre-K 3/4/ K Programs offer children a nurturing learning environment that is caring, challenging, hands on, and academically developmental. Since we believe our children should enjoy their time here, there are also many fun activities.Appropriate child-centered experiences are provided to stimulate inquisitiveness and to develop the child’s self-assurance and independence.
Our programs provide many hands-on-learning experiences in an academic readiness environment. Language is developed through a multitude of methods. Songs, plays, poems, and stories are just some of them. Centers are provided where children can experience a variety of sensory experiences in an individual or group setting. Gross and fine motor skills are developed through physical activities, play, and the creative arts. Through songs, storytelling of scripture, prayers, games, and art activities, the children learn about God's great love for each of us. Pre K 3 / Pre K 4 and Kindergarten are also part of the NDS Hot Lunch Program. (Please note: soda and fast foods are prohibited in our program.) Our children will also be given technology instruction in our computer lab.

To provide the most up-to-date communication, the Pre-K 3 / 4 / Programs have their own websites linked to the school’s main website at www. at the Faculty Page.  The Kindergarten program is also  linked.

If you are interested in registering your child in one of our fine programs, please call our school at 215-943-0222,

or email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for more information.
Thank you!
God bless! Mr. Stephen D. DiCicco ~ Principal



Dear Parents/Guardians,


     Greetings and Happy May! It is hard to believe that the school year is fast coming to a close! Thank you for making it a beautiful one!

Some news! 

    • We just received a check for BOX TOPS contributions. Thank you for your coupons! Special thanks to Ms. Kallok for directing the program.


    • Grades 1 and 6 had a great time on their Earth Day nature walk. (Do you know we have a really cool water canal next to our school!)


    • The 7th grade had a wonderful debate Thursday and a super class trip last Friday.


    • Hats off to our 8th grade for excellent presentations on social justice issues from the 1960’s.  


    • TY to everyone who participated in our Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School SMA US Day!


    • Great news! All ceiling bulbs in our school gym are now replaced. Looking bright! Our parking lot was repaired after a tough winter.


  • Student Designed SMA Calendar Cover Contest For 2015/2016 School Year. (See info handout) The winning entry will be announced and will be used as the front cover of our 2015/2016 SMA School Calendar. Please send all entries to the school office.


    • Scholastic SMA Book Fair Coming in May BOGO ~ Buy One get One Free! (A good time to stock up on books for summer reading!)


    • SMA Green and Gold Day on the 22nd!  


    • Second Annual SMA Curriculum Festival on May 19th. We will have our final SMA Home and School Meeting for the year. The meeting will be our second annual SMA Curriculum Festival. The SMA Curriculum Festival is designed to showcase the children’s curriculum skills.   On that night each grade will give a five-minute presentation based on a topic from the curriculum.   On that evening we will also unveil our video, “Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic School - School 2014/2015– “SMA School – MOVING FORWARD!”   (This video will be available at a later date for purchase). Two showings will take place, one at 6:00 and the second at the conclusion of the evening.  


    • 2015/2016 Pre-K 3/4– 8th Grade Registration Reminder: be sure to register now for the coming school year. Thank you!  


  • Thank you to all who have already registered for the 2015/2016 school year!      


This month we honor Mary and all mothers. Thank you for the unbelievable job you do every day!


Happy Mother’s Day!


                                                                                                   God Bless!




                                                                                                           Mr. Stephen D. DiCicco




For Prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in
battle, be our protection against the
wickedness and snares of the devil; may god
rebuke him, we humbly pray; and do you, o
Prince of the heavenly host, by the power of
God, thrust into hell satan and all evil spirits
who wander through the world for the ruin
of souls. Amen.

Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in
battle, that we may not perish in the fearful

Saint Michael, first champion of the
kingship of Christ, pray for us.

God our Father, in a wonderful way you
guide the work of angels and human being.
May those who serve you constantly in
heaven keep our lives safe from all harm on
earth. Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Pledge for Peace

With the help of Jesus, I pledge for this day to have a peaceful heart and a peaceful mind. I will try to keep peace in my school, in my home and in my world.